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~ Fragile ~

"...Sometimes it feels it would be easier to fall
than to flutter in the air with these wings so weak and torn..."

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"Do asilo dentro di me come a un nemico che temo d’offendere,
un cuore eccessivamente spontaneo
che sente tutto ciò che sogno come se fosse reale;
che accompagna col piede la melodia
delle canzoni che il mio pensiero canta,
tristi canzoni, come le strade strette quando piove.

- F. Pessoa -


- We’re going nowhere...All the way to nowhere –

"Forse sono l’uomo con le leggendarie quattro mani
Per toccare, per curare, implorare e strangolare.
Ma io non so chi sono,
e tu ancora non sai chi sono..."

F. R.

mercoledì 2 aprile 2014

My course

"Walking high on a rope
the demons under my feet.
In a lake of fears awakened,
today I’m going to fall.

Hands stained with your blood,
beauty drowns in madness.
Shadows from the wall,
I feel them getting close.

Hungry eyes that hunt
they are looking for my sins.
The fault is mine, no excuse
without mercy I drown.

Alone I breathe the darkness,
I’m feeding on your tears.
Drink from the cup of sorrow,
hide behind an eclipse.

Visions come with sickness,
Skies are falling down,
all around only ruins,
life fallen in disease.

Hear my words
Fear my thoughts
Follow me

Today I lose but no one wins
Come, drown in the mud of my sins
Follow me, if you dare

Cruenta Lacrymis

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