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~ Fragile ~

"...Sometimes it feels it would be easier to fall
than to flutter in the air with these wings so weak and torn..."

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"Do asilo dentro di me come a un nemico che temo d’offendere,
un cuore eccessivamente spontaneo
che sente tutto ciò che sogno come se fosse reale;
che accompagna col piede la melodia
delle canzoni che il mio pensiero canta,
tristi canzoni, come le strade strette quando piove.

- F. Pessoa -


- We’re going nowhere...All the way to nowhere –

"Forse sono l’uomo con le leggendarie quattro mani
Per toccare, per curare, implorare e strangolare.
Ma io non so chi sono,
e tu ancora non sai chi sono..."

F. R.

venerdì 24 giugno 2011

- Apart -

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 - ore 00:26

my heart, my love
one word, and gone
to stay, i will
believe, and pray
to see, to feel
to hear, to be and gone
how can i get close to you?
how can i the foolish one?

beauty can’t be seen, but only kissed
i have so much love to give
but where are you and how to be reached?

can i talk, can i speak?
and can i lay my head on you?
can i choose and can i say
i love you

darkness surrounding me
my head hangs low
your arms are far
your breath takes me
besides i am in love
i’m loving you but you
so far from me
i’m holding out
your words your face your breath
your touch your heart should cover me
but all you do is watching me
so i dismiss the grace of you
and far beyond the darkness grows
which leads me back to all my roots
the longing and the pain
in darkness and disgrace
the longing and the pain
in darkness and disgrace

Lacrimosa - Darkness

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